In the ever-changing landscape of hospitality, finding skilled cocktail bartenders can sometimes feel like chasing a tailwind. But fear not, for the skies of high-quality cocktails are still within reach for your restaurant or bar.

Conor and Amanda have charted a course to cocktail perfection. Imagine, premium cocktails designed to your exacting standards, conveniently delivered in 4-litre totes, ready to take flight at your establishment. Your crew just needs to pour them into your preferred glassware and serve with a smile.

The Flight Plan: Options Galore

Choose from distinct price tiers that cater to every type of hospitality venue, ensuring a smooth journey towards your cocktail dreams. We will sit down with you and talk through flavours, spirits, drink styles, key influences and more.

Cocktails can be provided fully batched or we can leave a bit of theatre for yourselves to impress guests with.

We offer a free two-hour training session for you and your staff on the cocktails and how to serve them, along with waterproof 'cheat sheets' to keep behind the bar.

Fly with Confidence

Experience the ease of expertly designed, hassle-free wholesale cocktails, batched and ready to soar. Leave the complexities of mixology behind and enjoy the freedom of offering consistently outstanding cocktails with minimal effort. Conor is always on the other end of the phone for all of our clients whether you'd like to talk cocktails or bartending in general, access to his years of knowledge in the industry is all part of the service.


Ready to transform your beverage service into a seamless flight of flavour and sophistication?

Take the first step towards cocktail excellence, enquire now about our premium, pre-batched wholesale cocktails – designed, tested, and ready for your establishment to take off to new heights.