About First Class Cocktails

Owned and operated by a couple of passionate individuals that love high-quality cocktails, our ethos is simple; to help bottle and shine a spotlight on great cocktails made by exceptional bartenders so the nation can enjoy them at home.

From Our Home to Yours

At First Class Cocktails, we believe that every drink should be a delightful voyage. That's why we've taken the concept of premium cocktails to new heights, bottling the essence of top-tier mixology for your enjoyment. From takeoff to touchdown, our cocktails promise an exhilarating adventure for your taste buds.

Imagine savoring the sophistication and flair of high-altitude mixology right in the comfort of your own home. Our expertly crafted cocktails are designed to deliver a First Class experience with every pour. We've left no detail to chance, ensuring that each bottle encapsulates the spirit of luxury, refinement, and impeccable taste.

Your In-Flight Crew

Our team of skilled individuals, passionate about creating unforgettable experiences, is your dedicated in-flight crew on this cocktail adventure. They're the reason every sip is a smooth takeoff into a world of flavor, and every finish a gentle landing into satisfaction.